Opt-Out the Best Gym Check-in Software: Traqade Vs Gym ERP

Due to the rising awareness about fitness and well being, more and more people are considering “staying fit” as their ultimate goal. Going to the gym is no more considered as a luxury, it is thought as a part of daily lifestyle. From teenagers to middle-aged people, from celebrities to non-specialists, everyone likes to hit the gym as per their needs and convenience. There is no age-related bar or restrictions on anyone.

With the rise of the gym culture, the whole process of gym management has become a lot more complex and tedious. If you are a gym owner and have multiple outlets throughout the city, we can understand that it is not at all possible for your team to manage the whole system manually. That is when an efficient gym check-in software comes in for your rescue.

Points to consider while looking out for a gym Check-in software

Before you buy any gym software, make sure that it is able to cover the following aspects.

  • Efficiently manages gym membership.
  • Comes with an easy attendance tracking feature.
  • Provides reports on staff performance from time to time.
  • Manages different class schedules.
  • Enables gym members to track their performance.

Traqade or Gym ERP?

Are you planning to invest in a gym check-in software, but confused which to choose – Traqade or Gym ERP? Here is a detailed overview of the two software. We hope that it helps you with your decision.

  1. Traqade Gym and Club Management Software

Traqade is a gym and club management software that is trusted by 5,00,000+ monthly active users throughout India. The software has an array of features that provide an advanced service to the gym owners as well as the members. Spy apps generally require rooting or jail breaking a target device. You can also use this gym software with hotels otherwise Hotels have different hot desk booking software.


  • Efficiently manages gym membership


Traqade gym and club management software makes member management a smooth and tireless process. Traqade gives you a 360-degree view of your members’ profiles within a single member screen. With the help of this software, you can generate hassle-free gym packages for your members with attractive discounts. Traqade accepts all payment modes, thus making it easy for members to make payments on time. In case any member fails to pay the fees within due date, the software automatically sends SMS and email reminders to them on behalf of the gym manager.


  • Comes with easy attendance tracking feature


Traqade gym and club management software allows you to track your staff and gym members’ attendance with ease. The software is fully compatible with all types of QR Code scanner and Biometric Machines. This way, you can restrict the entry of unauthorised people as well as members whose gym membership has expired. The attendance reports generated by the software enables you to identify the gym members who are most likely to drop out of your gym.


  • Provides reports on staff performance


Traqade allows you to manage the whole lifecycle of your staff within a single platform, starting from their entry in your gym to their exit. With the help of its Staff management dashboard, you can easily recognise and retain all the best trainers in your gym. The software’s inbuilt payroll solution allows you to process your staffs’ payroll seamlessly from time to time.


  • Manages different class schedules


With the help of Traqade’s bulk Email and SMS feature, you can send the right message notification to the right member. As an admin, you can send reminders about group classes via Email or SMS. The timely reminders increase the attendance rates in your gym.


  • Enables gym members to track their performance


You can easily replace all the boring paperwork with Traqade’s unique fitness assignment engine. It enhances the whole workout experience of the members coming to your gym with its preloaded training repository. You can keep your members motivated by sending monthly training reports to them.

  1. Gym ERP

Gym ERP is a cloud-based gym management software that is designed to make gym check-in procedure a simple and efficient one. Following are some of its top features –


  • Efficiently manages gym membership


Gym ERP helps you to manage all your member’s data within a single platform – starting from their account-related information to payment history and gym contracts. The software efficiently integrates your gym business with various payment gateway providers. This enables you to collect quick payments at any time, with a single click.


  • Comes with easy attendance tracking feature


Gym ERP efficiently manages the attendance of your gym members and the staff. This enables you to keep a track of the people visiting your gym and you can even restrict the entry of unauthorised people. As an admin, you can check the punctuality of your employees and prepare salary slips based on their performance throughout the month.


  • Provides reports on staff performance


The software has an interactive dashboard that gives you instant insights into the performance of your staff members. The software also assists you in maintaining a clear track record of your employees’ performance. It also makes the payroll process simple and hassle-free, thus accelerating the growth of your entire gym business.


  • Manages different class schedules


Gym ERP allows you to manage all your gym bookings efficiently at one central place. You, as an admin, can set a specific time and schedule trainers or teachers for a particular class in the software’s back-office app. The members attending your gym can book classes as per their preference from the client portal or mobile application of Gym ERP.


  • Enables gym members to track their performance


Gym ERP only keeps track of the employees within a gym. However, it does not provide any report to the gym members about their performance within the gym.

Final Words

Traqade Gym and Club Management software and Gym ERP software make your gym check-in process simple and efficient at the same time. From managing your gym membership, tracking attendance, generating reports, scheduling class and providing performance reports – these applications do them all. Here’s hoping that the above comparison will clear all your doubts and you can choose the one which fulfils all the needs and demands of your gym business.

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