TheWiSpy v3.1 Download for Android Phones

According to recent studies, 72.12% of the world population who use smartphones prefer android phones. Maybe in the past, people had less knowledge about technology, but the resources have increased, and so does the user ease with modern phones.

People have different kinds of cell phones; although they might belong to the same model, their versions don’t match. The point is if you want to download an app on your phone, the first thing to check is its version. Some apps have restrictions that can affect the quality functionality because of unsupported versions.

TheWiSpy is ranked top among best spy apps for android that doesn’t need much technical knowledge to operate. A simple guide is available for smooth installation. In this article, we’ll talk about installing the app without skipping anything and its amazing features that you can use afterward.

TheWiSpy- How to download on android phones:

You can never go wrong when you’re following the right path, and the same goes with the spyware for android phones. So read the mentioned steps and start tracking your kid or employee in no time. As TheWiSpy is for android devices, this is the only way you can install it.

Step 1:

Get a subscription:

Go to the official website of TheWiSpy android monitoring app, . There are three different plans are available that contain different features and pricing. So you can figure out your need and choose one of the versions.

Step 2:

Fill out the personal details:

If you don’t have an account, then firstly, you need to sign up for it. Next, you should provide your email and set a password. Finally, if you already have an account, you can click on the login icon and insert your personal information, such as email and passwords.

Step 3:

Receive account details:

You can’t install TheWiSpy from any play store on your respective phone. It works differently. You will receive an email containing the details about the account that you’ll be operating. Along with that, you will have a link to download the app on the phone. The process is simple, so don’t work yourself up and go with the flow.

Step 4:

Open the link:

Now that you have everything you need open the link. By default, it’ll start the installation on the phone. An essential part to remember is that you should open it in the target device. That’s because the actual tracking is done from there.

Step 5:

Wait for installation:

Usually, the installation takes about some minutes. But, first, you should ensure that the device is connected to a good network, and that will do it.

Step 6:

Put up your TWS account:

The difficult section of the installation is over, and now you can open your web browser. And login to your designated account. You will view all the listed features there, and it is one step away to have full control over the target phone.

Step 7:

Start spying:

The features are highly advanced, so you’re left with nothing more than clicking on the functions. However, the best spy app for android in India will provide accurate data.

TheWiSpy- Android features:

TheWiSpy offers unlimited android features that are best suited for spying remotely. It is highly diverse in its functionality that it can fulfil every possible need of monitoring. If you want to spy on your children, then TheWiSpy’s parental control app has the entire necessary feature.

And if it’s your remote employees that you want to spy on, you got everything covered. You can look in detail at the exceptional features that undetectable android spy app in India offers to make a better decision.

GPS tracking:

You can locate your child or an employee’s current location with the help of a GPS tracking feature. It has exceptionally advanced technology that helps in providing real-time results. Become fully informed where your child is all the time. That can save you from the tension of them getting into a harmful situation. For example, they might go to unsafe places that you’ve forbid them to go. You can activate the feature and let the app brings the latest updates for you.

Call monitoring:

It is a trend for teenagers to call friends and talk for hours. Even though they were at the same school, but you can’t help it. What if that’s not the case and they have started to contact strangers which can be dreadful for them.

It can lead to harassment and, more badly, mental health issues. Kids take it to their heads when they face a little bit of inconvenience, so you need to take over the control as a parent. Use the call monitoring feature to track the contact and block some people when required.

SMS tracking:

Talking through text messages is cool for today’s generation. They like to communicate with strangers to grow their circle, but one thing they’re not aware of is it can lead to something bad. You can track their SMS through SMS tracker app on different social media apps to ensure they’re in no danger.

App monitor:

TheWiSpy is the best-hidden spy app for android because it offers open access to all the installed apps. From social media apps to gaming apps, you can view all online activity remotely. If someone is harassing your child, you can get a heads up to prevent any bad situation. You can put restrictions on the use of addictive apps and save your children.

Web history control:

Internet is a scary place for a parent because there are lots of inappropriate websites that kids can access. At the time, they might not think about the consequences, but it can affect their mental health badly. You can use the amazing feature of spyware for android phones that let you monitor and control the approach to such content.

Remote access:

·         Audio recording:

The time has changed; you can listen to a live conversation happening miles away from your location clearly with the help of the android monitoring app. The advanced feature of TheWiSpy audio recording commands the microphone to record the conversation and then send it to TheWiSpy account.

·         Camera monitoring:

Do you want to make sure your kids are hanging out with friends or strangers? TheWiSpy has made it easy with its camera monitoring feature. You can use it to click pictures of the real-time events, and without any notice, you’ll receive them on your account.

·         Multimedia files access:

It is a mortifying feeling that your child might send nudes or exchange inappropriate videos with strangers. But, you can’t trust anyone, especially at this age, so you better find a solution for it. TheWiSpy is the best app to spy on android in India that allows accessing multimedia files. That way, you can delete such files remotely and keep your children safe.


With TheWiSpy’s advanced feature, you can bound your kids to go to unwanted places. Are you confused about how? The geofencing feature allows putting geographical boundaries to certain places such as nightclubs or specific areas. When your target will move or cross that boundary, you’ll get instant alerts.


It’s difficult for some folks to keep up with new technology but don’t stress yourself because you aren’t alone. Instead of running away from difficulties, you should find a solution: TheWiSpy undetectable spy app in India. In this article, the process of installation is explained easily, and anyone can use it.

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