Tips to make a video for YouTube

Everyone is aware of YouTube’s popularity. Over the years people have started to use this platform as a search engine. First launched in the year 2005 by three former PayPal members, the platform now has over 1.8 billion users. Google bought the website for USD 1.65 billion in the year 2006. Due to its easy accessibility, the site has attracted so many users in a short period. Each day they are working to improve the interface and come up with new ways to make the platform better. On average, people spend 40 minutes watching videos on YouTube, and every day, the watch hour is 1 billion. It is essential for every YouTube video to have an intro and outro.

We often spend money buying an excellent camera to record a video. But spending money on editing software seems too much. For content creators who want to spend money on editing tools can opt for InVideo. The website offers users a variety of YouTube intro templates and various other facilities.

People often think that making a YouTube video is an easy task. But we often forget to take various aspects in mind. These days, people are making videos on upcoming technology like blockchain, IOT and Laser and earning so much, you can also check videos on Marcatrici laser prezzo, such videos are getting many views from youtube.

Youtube Intro Maker

How to make a YouTube video?

Before recording a video, there are different things to keep in mind. Once you make a YouTube account there are various other aspects one should consider. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the things one should consider while making a YouTube video. There are intelligent tools which makes you work easy, you can check for SNGPC

Plan your videos beforehand.

Before recording a video, it is essential to know what you want to talk about and with whom you want to talk. There are various topics you can choose from, such as entertainment, news, technology, music, education, and many more. Make a script and heard it. Try to analyze whether your audience will be interested in the content or not. Ask yourself questions such as what makes you click on a video or what keeps you from not leaving. It will be to your advantage if you can figure out what famous content creators do to keep the audience from leaving. Without a script, one might talk about things not related to the subject and lose the audience. With time you will understand what your viewers like to watch.

 Make sure users can find your video

A content creator should learn about search engine optimization (SEO) before starting to post a video. Users should be able to find your videos on the platform. There are two ways to rank a video on YouTube:

  1. Create content that is good for search engines.
  2. Create content that the users will enjoy.

There are various ways you can use SEO. Learn about the keywords used to put in your title. YouTube has a feature of autocompleting the search by suggesting the most used words. You can take inspiration from this and used the words in your title.

Prepare to film a video.

There are various objects you can use to record a video. Some of them are:

Webcam: In recent years most of the laptops come with an in-built webcam. But the webcams do not have a good quality camera. But for people who don’t want to spend money buying expensive filming gadgets can work well with the webcam. One can also purchase a webcam at a low cost.

   Video camera: Video cameras come in various price ranges. There are video cameras available online at low cost as well as a high-quality video camera. We know video cameras have a better display than a webcam and mobile phones. Nowadays, video cameras come with removable SD cards, which make it easier to transfer files to the desktop.

   Mobile phone: Over the years most people opt for a mobile phone, as it is easy to carry. A smartphone comes with three basic features, good quality camera, an in-built microphone, and internal storage for the videos. But the audio quality might not be as good as a video camera.

Buy an external microphone.

When we watch a YouTube video apart from the video quality, we know the audio quality as well. The in-built microphone in smartphones and video cameras does not provide excellent quality audio. It is better to purchase an external microphone to give your audience the best experience. Make sure to check the microphone is compatible with your device before purchasing.

Make videos on the latest trend.

YouTube has billions of videos, but some of the videos are more famous than the others. There are thousands of video editors creating videos daily. The content creator should know which videos are more enjoyed by the viewers. Some of the videos that people enjoy are daily vlogs, tutorials, reviews, live video game streaming, comedy, and many more.

Use plenty of lights.

No one likes to watch a dark video. There is various lighting equipment available in the markets dedicated to video recording. One can buy these lights to record the video at any time of the day. But for those who do not have the budget can opt to film their videos during the daytime, as natural lighting is available.

Keep your background beautiful.

Having a messy or unorganized background will give your audience a bad impression. Make sure to keep the background clean. You can also choose to decorate it and make the place look beautiful. This will encourage people to stay and watch your video.

Do not give your personal information.

It is essential to note that you don’t provide the viewers with any personal information such as your address or phone number. Speak clearly without mumbling as it creates a negative impression. This is why one should have a rough script before filming that includes all the topics of the video.

Upload the video through desktop or mobile

One can upload their video after editing from both desktop and mobile. Edit the videos uniquely so that your viewers can enjoy it more than other videos. Add various animation, effects, or opt for an online slideshow maker to edit video montages. Then transfer the video to your desktop or mobile and follow a few simple steps to upload it on YouTube.

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