Top 5 Free Intro Maker Tools for YouTube

According to Cisco, video streaming websites will account for 82% of worldwide internet traffic by 2022. Businesses are already aware of and recognize the value of videos and video content. This is why YouTube channels have grown commonplace.

Choose any business, and it will get its own YouTube channel with hundreds of followers. If you aren’t utilizing YouTube for video marketing, consumer interaction, traffic creation, or lead generation, it’s time to start.

Why? Because it has over 2 billion monthly active users and over 30 million daily active users. Every day, YouTube users view more than 5 billion videos. You should be on YouTube, don’t you think? However, owing to intense competition, just making and uploading a video on YouTube will not work.

You must do more than just post videos. You must expand your channel, post videos on a regular basis, connect with your followers, create videos that are professional and engaging, and be consistent.

It is not difficult to produce a YouTube video intro; you can use a free YouTube video intro creator to generate high-quality professional intros for your videos. The following is a list of the top 5 free YouTube video intro makers that you can leverage.

5 Free YouTube Intro Makers

  1. InVideo

InVideo is one of the finest free choices if you wish to create customizable intros for your videos. It also enables the user to choose from a variety of premium features in the free version.

InVideo is a user-friendly, simple, and versatile application that enables anybody to make appealing intros in minutes.

The program includes over 3500 pre-existing movie templates, making video editing simpler and quicker than ever before!

It also allows you to add contemporary text to video material with stunning animations and effects. The most amazing aspect of this application is that it allows for layer modification.

With an eye-catching beginning and a memorable conclusion, you’ll capture a lot of attention. Overall, InVideo is a great YouTube Intro Maker that delivers the ease of use of online editors directly to your browser!

  1. Filmora 9

Even if you are a total novice in the video industry, this intro video creator program will assist you in producing professional-looking results. Filmora 9 pleases its users with a simple design and large icons, so even if you have never used this program before, you will have no problems.

It provides basic video editing tools for making intros. You may also input text, emoji with animations, and store them as a preset for future use.

When creating movies using this intro maker program, you may use its free collection of music and sound effects. There is no limit on the number of films, pictures, and audio that may be uploaded to your project.

Furthermore, you may use simple video editing tools like trimming and chopping, as well as professional ones like de-noise, video stabilization, and so on.

  1. LightMV

LightMV is one of the finest watermark-free free intro producers available today. Even if you are not an expert in video editing, this program will assist you in creating a high-quality intro.

Simply go to their website, download the program, locate the required template, and input your text and images.

This intro maker program also allows you to add your own soundtracks, and the process is quite simple: just upload the required file and insert it anywhere you like.

Users particularly like the variety of free and paid intro templates that simplify and expedite the working process. You may see some of the templates and pick the best one for you to make the correct decision.

  1. Renderforest

Users pick Renderforest because it provides many advantages that they cannot help but be interested in. It is not just an intro video creator program, but it is also a fantastic tool for creating videos, kinetic typography, product or service marketing films, music visualizations, and so on.

The program includes eye-catching animation effects, mobile app toolkits, and unique intro templates for creating engaging video pieces and parallax slideshows.

Furthermore, there is a Sci-Fi section with professional typographic movies and trailers, whiteboard animation effects, and so on.

When you finish a project, you store it on the dashboard. You may then modify or download it whenever you wish. The main disadvantage of this program is that certain templates have limitations.

For example, your title must include a certain amount of words, you may include a certain number of images, and the size of the images is also restricted.

  1. Biteable

Biteable intro creation software is precisely what you need if you want professional results while maintaining your brand’s personality. It enables you to easily add credits, business cards, and other essential items.

After you’ve finished your job, you may watch and assess the video you made. Templates are made up of 3-5 second sequences. Each scene is editable, allowing you to alter the content, duration, and typeface.

Users are drawn to this intro-creating program because of its ease of use and quick quickness. In only a few clicks, you can have a finished animation that can be uploaded on any website or social network.

This program is very popular for making YouTube videos since it allows you to produce MP4 videos for your channel or vlog. As previously said, the application may brag of a variety of video styles, effects, and so on to make your movie even more appealing.


What tool will you use to produce the YouTube video intro? The free tools have restricted functionality and are branded with a watermark. This, of course, does not seem professional. Other programs are free to use, but video modification options are restricted.

It is recommended to remove the watermark from the video intro by upgrading to a premium subscription for your preferred tool from the list above. It will cost just a few dollars, and you will get a high-quality completely branded YouTube video intro to be proud of.


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